The ulti-meatum: The 10,000-calorie burger

London: A massive burger within a burger, which was originally created in a hit cartoon show, is now available in real life.

The ‘Ulti-meatum’, which contains 10,000 calories, was cooked up by Corinne Clarkson after she saw an episode of The Regular Show on Cartoon Network.

Just like the sandwich in the animation, Clarkson’s burger is quite a mouthful and includes a burger inside another one.

“I couldn’t eat it. I haven’t even been tempted yet. It’s massive,” the 39-year-old owner of Mister Eaters in Preston, Lancashire said.

“There must be someone in the country who wants to try – and they’re more than welcome.”

The burger is available for free if you are able to finish it all at once.

If you don’t fancy doing that then Clarkson’s husband John is prepared to cook you the different sections for £20, but you’ll have to put them together yourself.

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