The Vedic path finds a new canvas

The ancient sacred literature of the Vedas has been considered as a fount of spiritual knowledge. And now, it is also proving to be a rich source of inspiration for artist Ram Kasture.

Calligraphic works by Ram Kasture 

The artist has studied the Vedas from his grandfather and his latest calligraphy painting exhibition, titled Adayakshar, is based on a fusion of Vedas and Akshar (Vedas and words/ calligraphy) to depict the divine truth contained within the text.

Kasture is a winner of three National Awards for calligraphy painting and has also worked on the calligraphy of Ved mantras in 2D animation for a documentary film, titled Sanskriti II, for the Nehru Centre. The artist will also be hosting demonstrations and workshops on the sidelines of the exhibition.

Till February 16
At Art Gate Gallery, Satyam Collection, Churchgate.

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