The 24/7 water supply pipe dream

Navi Mumbai may have been promised 24/7 water supply by 2011, but the drops will materialise only in June 2012

While the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) first promised in 2004 that every family across the satellite city will receive 24/7 water supply, and in 2009 had set 2011 as the deadline within which this will be made operational, we should have known this was too good to be true. Not only has the municipal body not been able to meet the deadline, it appears this won't be realised for at least another four months.

The NMMC is yet to finish laying the additional water pipeline from Morbe dam to the city. Furthermore, the water treatment plant that is being built in Bhokarpada is not close to completion. The city receives its water supply from Morbe dam, and an additional water pipeline is being built to create more water pressure on the existing pipelines. According to sources, there is a 35-kilometre stretch of the pipeline that still needs to be laid. When contacted, Surendra Patil, additional City Engineer of NMMC, said, "Laying down of the pipeline is still underway and will be completed by March. After this is completed, joining of new and existing pipelines will be done to get adequate pressure to ensure 24/ 7 water supply."

The water treatment plant being built at Bhokarpada has also been delayed due to technical issues.

"Construction work has been slowed due to technical snags; it will take some more time before becoming operational. Even if the pipeline is complete by March, 24/7 water supply cannot be started till this plant is ready," said an NMMC official, who requested anonymity. The official added that the promise of an around the clock water supply cannot be met till, at least, July.

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