Cheese board
Next time you pair your expensive French wine with cheese, let this cheese board take centre stage with four knives stuck on a magnetic strip for hard, soft, semi soft and medium cheese.
For:Rs 2,600

Tabletop pizza oven
Now you don’t have to bother about different pizza toppings for your guests as you can cook six at a time in this electric terracotta pizza oven. Italy in numbers!
For: Rs 6,999

Sake glasses
Say cheers in Japanese. These glasses with Japanese cherry blossoms on them are specially made for sake, or traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice.
For: Rs 6,000 (pair)
At: Foodhall, Palladium, Lower Parel.
Call: 30264581

Fondue Set
While chocolate and cheese fondues are now commonplace in several cafes and restaurants across the city, they originated in Switzerland where it was initially started to promote Swiss cheese.
For:  Rs 2,190
At: Home Collective, opposite Anokhi, Chowpatty.
Call: 66555304