The year of the bucket list

It's hard to miss the dull-green sheen of the multi-purpose New Year resolution. It's been slapped on to weight-loss programmes, draped over merchandise, shoved into the mouth of the paparazzi-friendly and squeezed into offers, so much so that it's become hard to recognise the resolution for what it really is: A symbol of hope; the hope that this year will be better than the last.

It's probably old-fashioned, or even morbid given that 2012 might actually be 'the end' to all our stories to suggest being hopeful, but if there's a lesson here I'm convinced it has more to do with time being finite, and less to do with total annihilation. Think of this as the Year of the Bucket List.

The year in which you actualise your dreams, quit your dead-end job, meet interesting people, travel to foreign lands or take that course in Mandarin that you've been putting off all these years. This is the year when you get down to telling the people you love and care for how much you really love and care for them.

And if you'd ever like to put the sentiment down on paper, this tiny shop on Wallace Street has some beautiful letter paper and blank cards that will add to the eloquence. Happy New Year!

AT A-2 Taj Building, 210 DN Road, Fort.
CALL 22077717 / 4764


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