Theatre group stages 12 shows of Marathi play in 40 hours

Konkan Kala Akadami, a theatre group, staged back-to-back 12 shows of a Marathi play over the last two days here.

The shows of the play 'Dwandwa' (duel), staged by the same set of actors, went on for 40 hours at the Kashinath Ghanekar auditorium here.

They had been organised by the Ananda Vishwa Gurukul, a local NGO. The shows started on Saturday morning and ended last night. The play has been written by Pradip Dhawal and directed by Rajan Bane. Last year, the group had staged 11 non-stop shows of another play.

According to the organisers, the existing world record involved back-to-back performances for 40 hours, but by more than one sets of actors, while in the present case, same cast performed for 40 hours non-stop, which could be a new world record.

The organisers donated Rs 15 lakh, raised by making appeal to the people, for a hospital project at Lok Biradari at Hemalkasa run by the family of the late social worker Baba Amte.

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