Tina and Tarun Tahiliani now; (right) Tina and Tarun then
Tina and Tarun Tahiliani now; (right) Tina and Tarun then

It is a measure of how far we go back, that not only were we present three decades ago when India's first multi-designer store, Ensemble, opened its doors in Kala Ghoda, but that we were the first journalist to write about it!

The store's launch had set the haute couture ball rolling, and the fact that the Doon school-educated Tarun Tahiliani, an Admiral's son fresh out of Wharton, was getting into fashion, had gone a long way in giving the industry credibility.

Which is why news that the brand now run by Tahiliani and his sister Tina Tahiliani Parikh, is opening their newest Mumbai store, and it's in Santacruz West, interested us. After all, the store set the bar for high pricing in haute couture, retailing outfits that cost as many zeroes as the Swarovski crystals that adorn them.

Does this mean that like everything else in Mumbai, the market for such labels was going northward too? We asked Tahiliani Parikh. And did market taste differ according to location?

"Kala Ghoda and Kemps Corner have some overlap, but Bandra does cater to a different clientele," said the Stanford grad former investment banker. And what were some of the biggest fashion trends recently.

"Hand-woven textiles and saris," she replied. "An incredible amount of young talent; clothing for destination weddings both for the bride and her guests, and the market for the accessories," she said. Note that she did not mention that dreadful phrase 'red carpet gown' any where. Oh boy, Santacruz is in for some 'ensembling'.