Bored of the regular concerts every weekend? CounterCulture promises to give you some relief through a two-day-long music fest that will feature everything from Blues to Electronics music

Music fests have become a routine  in our city. But this weekend, Vishwa, the founder of performing space CounterCulture promises a two-day-long musical extravaganza that is different from the usual  weekend gigs.

Peter Cat Recording Company

On Friday, the Himalayan Blues Festival will have international musicians treat you to  the best of blues while on Saturday The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival will play a kind sound, which,  according to Vishwa is truly alternative.
"It is not like a concert in a pub with some DJ. CounterCulture moulds itself to fit any kind of good music," shares Vishwa. He assures that unlike rock shows that  make their presence felt through various wall posters of stars like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton on stage, these festivals will exhibit no such things.

Following the Nepalese tradition of the annual Blues music fest, the Himalayan Blues Festival presents this popular genre with a twist. Jimi Hocking from Australia and the USA-based duo Izzy and Chris will  perform Blues in distinct styles.

Hocking is known for blending electric rock, contemporary folk with Blues while Izzy and Chris take it to another level by imparting an earthy touch to mournful vocals. Revealing his personal favourite, Vishwa recommends, "Hocking is a personal favourite and is a must watch for the evening."

The Bicycle Days

If the Blues festival brings you closer to earth, then The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival will complete your musical journey with emerging musicians dishing out numbers that are original in their spirit, lyrics and tunes.

Presenting nearly 10 bands from across the country, the fest, according to Vishwa will attempt to be more than a popular band performing at a musical space.
The line-up features bands like Adil & Vasundhara, The Bicycle Days, Schizophonic, Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets, The Family Cheese and Peter Cat Recording Company among others. From bringing out the essence of post-rock movement in Europe to creating  psychedelic magic on stage, these bands are all set to create a memorable experience.

"The bands have been chosen for  their progressive sound across genres. Alternative is what we look at and it can be anything from Jazz to Blues. In terms of music, a lot is happening in the country and this is a way to bring different experimentations together," explains Vishwa.

He adds that these concerts are an effort to give Bangalore a break from the regular shows and offer something different to music lovers. So if you are done with shaking a leg to  music at the turntable, here is your chance to try something new.

Where CounterCulture, Dyavasandra Industrial Area, Whitefield
Himalayan Blues Festival
On November 4, 7 pm onwards
For Rs 300
The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival
On November 5, 7 pm onwards
For Rs 850
Call 9945058293