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Dear Diana,
I am a 59-year-old widower. My wife passed away 12 years ago. I have a son who is 30 years old and married. He stays in the neighbouring flat. He is busy at work throughout the day. His wife is also busy with her work. I am leading a retired life. I only look forward to my morning and evening walks. Otherwise, I am at home. My son's maid takes care of the cleaning and cooking work. Four months ago, one of our neighbours relocated to Chennai. He has given his flat on rent to a young couple from Ahmedabad. Last month, the boy's mother came to stay with them too. She is a widow and will be here for three months as her daughter-in-law is expecting. We got talking as she, too, is alone at home when her son and daughter-in-law are at work. I get along with her well and we often go for evening walks together. I find her caring and loving. After all these years, I feel I have found someone who I look forward to meet everyday. It is as if I have found a new reason to live in my otherwise boring life. If she does not come for her evening walk, I feel I am missing something. Am I in love with her?
— Arvind

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Arvind,
You are leading a quiet retired life and this new neighbour seems to be filling your life with cheer. As they say, you never know when and where you can find love. And age is just a number. Right now you are seeking her company as you are comfortable with her. There is this warmth in her company. For now, let things remain as they are. Till she is in Mumbai, enjoy her company. But there is no point being emotionally involved as she will go back to Ahmedabad after her daughter-in-law delivers. You have no clue what she thinks about you. To avoid heartbreak, do not plan a future with her. Let her be your present and cherish the moments you spend with her.

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  • R Satyadeo29-Jan-2016

    Why you are showing age discrimination. If this question was posed by a guy of twenties, you would have replied to find the out the feeling of a girl and in this case you are discouraging this gentleman. You should have at least encourge him to find out the feelings of lady and if the lady has same feelings , why they can not fall in love and start a new life...

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