These chips pack a jolly good crunch

Diet chips need not be an oxymoron. Not if you've had Home Delite's Diet Assorted Chips. I was a skeptic the first time I tried these assorted chips that listed 'a dash of cold pressed oil' in the list of ingredients.

Oil is hardly a seasoning, after all. But the asture-looking brown-paper bag was enough to tickle my curiosity; after all, what were my chances of making my acquaintance with a low-calorie chip!

Pretty high, as it turns out, since the mix contains chips made of bananas, soya beans, nachni, pulses and grains. The chips are crunchy, well seasoned and totally addictive.

While making a habit of eating chips -- diet or otherwise -- over an extended period of time is not a great idea, it might be a better idea to have these handy anytime you feel a binge coming on.

For those in-between times, carrot and cucumber sticks work best.

Price: Rs 200 (350 gm)
Where: Available at Home Delite outlets in Breach Candy and Cumballa Hill and select supermarkets.

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