These workshops will make you stage smart

Sanjna Kapoor and Sameera Iyengar’s organisation dedicated to theatre, Junoon, has begun a programme, titled Arts at Play for School, where they will offer interactive sessions with artistes from various plays, especially for children and school teachers. The workshops will be divided into three sections — a trip to the theatre, arts encounters and teacher’s workshops.

The trip to theatre segment will include visits to plays such as Zinga Zinga Roses and Laal Pencil, followed by a discussion with the artistes. For art encounters, kids can enjoy a Nautanki-inspired performance and Keli’s Rhythm Ensembles, which is a performance tradition from Kerala.

It will be followed by a discussion with artists who will be sharing the tricks of their trade. Teachers from all disciplines can hone their communication skills by signing up for Junoon’s arts-based workshops.

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