A burglar, who was accidentally locked up in an apartment by its owner in an eastern China city, was found barely breathing four days later as he starved all through finding nothing to eat on the premises.

The suspect, surnamed He, sneaked into the sixth floor Taicang City apartment in Jiangsu province when he found the door wide open - and inviting. He hid himself in a room, the Shanghai Daily reported, citing Anhui TV.

The apartment owner soon left and locked the door from outside, unaware that a stranger had got himself into his residence.

However, the thief was devastated when hunger gnawed at him and he found no food, not a grain to eat in the apartment's closets and drawers. Worse, he noticed even his cellphone battery had run out, and he couldn't call anyone for help.

The starved burglar was barely breathing and was unable to even stand when the apartment's owner returned four days later. He called up the police, who took the stranger into custody.