Things you'll never hear your man say when he sees you naked

Older women are too embarrassed of their aging body to the point of avoiding sex with a new partner or even insisting on sex in a darkened room, using the braille method of discovery, the Huffington Post reported.

Sex and relationships, Things you'll never hear your man say when he sees you naked

Men often tell similar stories of their wives who hide their bodies, and the men miss the sex and the intimacy, but don’t know how to ease their wives past their distaste for their bodies.

According to the experts, by hiding their your body and being embarrassed by it, women are buying into our youth-obsessed culture that says that only young, firm, fertile bodies can be sexy and alluring.

Imagine this scenario – finally after meeting so many men you’ve met a man who makes your heart flutter big time. You’ve flirted, you’ve gone on a few dates, you’ve talked half the night, you’ve laughed at his jokes and he at yours.

On your last date you kissed and his hands went exploring, so did yours, and you know that on the next date, more than your lipstick will come off. You’ve even had the Condom Conversation, but your inner worrier keeps asking what if he sees your body and heads for the hills.

A man will never be thinking of “Oh, gee, you have so many wrinkles!” “You’d be so pretty if you lost weight”, “Huh -- I thought you looked younger with clothes on”, “I like firmer butts and perkier breasts” or “Uh, I gotta go now.”

Whether a man voices it out loud or conveys it with a smile or melting eyes, he's only thinking “Oh wow, did I get lucky! This is going to be wonderful.”

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