Things you should know about having sex after pregnancy

Sex is fun, it is pleasurable but after pregnancy the pleasure isn’t same anymore. Things change, sex after pregnancy turns a bit difficult. After a few months of delivery, women only feel the pain and no pleasure. Why this happens? Why suddenly women lose interest in sex after pregnancy?

Things you should know about having sex after pregnancy
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You might find it very strange but sex life does curtail after pregnancy. Let us reveal some facts that answer your questions and clear your doubts about your sex life after pregnancy.

'NO' sex for next 6 months after delivery
Whether it was a C-section or a normal delivery, doctors advices you to avoid sex for 6 weeks after delivery. Well, this doesn’t end here. After giving birth, a mother needs a couple of years to get back to the normal sex life.

Sex life after pregnancy
Do you know that when you first time have sex after pregnancy, you will feel nothing like the before. The hormones misbalance makes it difficult for a woman to enjoy sex like before.

Vaginal dryness
If a woman breastfeeds, the Oestrogen level will be low in body, causing vaginal dryness during intercourse.

Not having the urge to make out
After delivery, a mother’s body emits oxytocin that lessens sexual desires. And it is not just the woman, but a man also extrudes a hormone named, Vasopressin that makes his sexual desires fade.

Quick climax
You must know that even after breast feeding women, do not get to enjoy the sex like before. After a certain period of time, women only enjoy sex for a brief moment unlike before.

Almost new sex life
The way you used to enjoy sex that might not happen after pregnancy. That is why; it is advisable that you try out new sex positions, where you feel connected to your partner on an emotional level.

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