Things your lips can reveal about your health

Apr 07, 2016, 13:48 IST |

Your lips visibly express emotions and are one of the areas of your face which draw attention. Keeping them healthy is important to look your best. While the colour of your lipstick can have a great impact on your look, your bare lips might have another story to tell.


Symptoms of some underlying health issues can easily show on your lips. Read on to find out if

Chapped lips
Chapped lips are usually caused when there is less moisture in the air, such as in winters, or due to frequent exposure to sun. However, chapped lips can also be a sign that you are dehydrated. Try drinking some water if your lips are especially dry.

Tenderness in the lips
Lips that are tender to touch around the edges are generally indicative of an allergy to something topical, such as a toothpaste or some cosmetic product. However if your lips are too tender and red you might have a severe allergy, most likely because of ingesting something you are sensitive to.

Cold sores
Cold sores are small blisters that appear around the mouth on the edge of the lips. Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex virus, and once you have it, cold sores can appear anytime if you are exposed to a trigger. Stress, fever, periods and exposure to sunlight are a few very common triggers for cold sores.

Cracked edges
Cracked edges could be a sign that you are suffering from yeast infection. When you are asleep you tend to drool around the edges of your lips, this leads to accumulation of bacteria and causes infection. You can try changing you sleeping position to a more upright one to avoid drooling.

Swelling of lips
Swelling of lips can be a sign of food sensitivity or allergy. Lips are the first place where the symptoms of an allergic reaction to food are visible. If you are having difficulty breathing, experience itching anywhere in your body, seek immediate medical help as severe food allergies can be life threatening.

Discolored lips
Lip discoloration means that your lips are getting darker, or lighter in colour from their usual colour. Lip discoloration can indicate a host of underlying reasons such as hormonal changes, drinking excessive tea or coffee, smoking or having food rich in iron. Several diseases such as anemia can cause the lips to turn darker, with a purple tinge.

Burning lips
Believe it or not, burning lips can actually be a sign of depression, unless of course you’ve rubbed your lips raw or had a particularly spicy meal. A study shows correlation between burning mouth syndrome and depression and anxiety.

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