Think, review, design for a play

I f you think you are creative at thinking up tag lines, reviewing plays or designing posters, put on your creative cap and get started.

Scenes from the play Antigone 24x7
Scenes from the play Antigone 24x7

The Pomegranate Workshop launched Antigone 24x7, a youth theatre initiative this June with artistes aged 14 to 20 years. Antigone 24x7 has been adapted from the original by students of the Pomegranate Experience Theatre programme, a nine-month session for young adults. The production will premiere in July as part of NCPA’s Zest!

Youth Theatre initiative. It has been adapted from the original Greek tragedy to fit the 21st century milieu. Now, The Pomegranate Workshop is calling out to artistes and copywriters between 14-20 years to submit the official poster and tag line for the entire show.

Simply log on to the Antigone 24x7 event page on Facebook and choose if you wish to design a poster, write an official tag line or review the play. The five best entries in each category as well as the five best post play reviews will win T-shirts.



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