The Thane police have filed the third extortion case against Iqbal Kaskar, and that happens to be the first against Underworld fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim, as the 52-year-old complainant from Bhayander has named the latter as well. The case has been registered against Kaskar, Dawood, their brother Anees Ibrahim, Bhawar Kothari, Bharat Jain and Toni Levis.

Iqbal Kaskar
Iqbal Kaskar

The threat call
The complainant alleged that in July 2016 he received a call from a VOIP number, allegedly from Anees. "You have bought a Gorai plot from Toni Levis for Rs 2 crore. We have taken the money, so give up the sale and give us Rs 1 crore more if you want to live; send the money to Iqbal bhai's office within a week, or else Dawood's gang members tumhara game kar denge (will finish you). Also, take back the civil suit in HC; it'll make Dawood bhai happy," the caller is alleged to have said, as per victim's statement.

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The complainant had paid Levis Rs 2 crore for a 38-acre plot in 2008, with an agreement that the rest would be paid after completion of registration. "In 2012, he found out that the land was in someone else's name, not Levis, and hence, he'd filed the civil suit," said an officer.

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Back in custody
The Thane police have again taken Kaskar's custody for seven days. "Gathering of evidence is on. There are no records of the VOIP calls made by the accused, and hence, we are putting in all our efforts to back the same up and prepare a watertight case," said an officer.

Rs 3 crore
Amount taken from the complainant

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