Thiruvananthapuram residents' association to restrict soap operas

Jan 08, 2015, 14:59 IST | Agencies

Thiruvananthapuram: A city-based residents' association is planning to impose an informal restriction on viewing television programmes especially tear-jerking soap operas by its members during the peak evening hours.

Pothujanam Road Residents Association at Kumarapuram here, which comprise over 200 families, came up with the idea after a recent survey found that majority of families under them were addicted to various TV programmes especially tele serials during the evening hours.

If TVs are turned off during the peak hours, families can utilise the time for quality activities like reading, interacting with family members or taking care of the studies of children, office bearers of the Association said.

On an experimental basis, over 30 families in the colony already started the unique experiment since last week.

"A recent survey, conducted by us, found that majority of our family members are glued to TV sets during the peak evening hours. All main channels air tele searials during the time. It creates a kind of addiction among viewers," Association general secretary Ashwa Kumar told PTI.

He said the Assocition set up a library, comprising over 1500 titles, to engage family members, who turn off tv, during the time.

Though some of the families objected to the plan, majority of the members expressed their support to the initiative, he said.

"The Association's general body meeting will be held later this month to take forward the initiative. We will discuss this in detail and seek the support and opinion of all member families," he said.

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