This 5-storey Christmas tree is decorated with students

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Muskegon: It’s not that an oversized tree adorned with ornaments is uncommon as a student choir sings carols. It’s more that the towering steel tree is decorated with garland, twinkling lights, and hundreds of teenagers.

Students stand in the Singing Christmas Tree. Pic/AFP
Students stand in the Singing Christmas Tree. Pic/AFP

The 67-foot-tall Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree features 25,000 lights, 5,000 linear feet of greenery, and 15 tiers on which about 220 choir members stand. About 50 other students sing from the base of the tree.

Freshmen are relegated to the bottom of the five-storey tree, while sophomores and juniors populate the middle. Seniors set up shop in the upper levels. The top is the domain of the tree angel, a senior selected by Shawn Lawton, the director of the choir.

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