This bra unhooks itself when in true love!

Tokyo: You may not like to wear this thing in public as this bra pops open the moment it realises you are in true love!

Japanese Lingerie Company Ravijour has introduced a high-tech lingerie that comes undone only when you reach a true lover's state.

Hatke news: True Love Tester designed by Japanese lingerie company
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Billed as 'True Love Tester' bra, this has sensors embedded inside which are connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth that detect a particular heart rate.

“It would only open when in-built sensors sense the user's pulse rate reaching the 'True Love Rate'," said a report on ITMedia, a Japanese website.

How does it function?

The sensors detect a woman's heart beat increase caused by 'adrenal medulla' - part of the adrenal gland.

The adrenal medulla secretes catechlomine, which affects the automatic nerve, and apparently increases the heart rate.

The sensors then study the heart signal and dispatch it to the app for examination.

The app then calculates the 'True Love Rate' based on the heart rate changes.

When the 'True Love Rate' exceeds a certain level, the bra unhooks automatically, the report added.

The magic bra would not automatically unhook itself while exercising or walking.

The sensors have the ability to differentiate between heart beat rise owing to exercise and being in love, the report added.



  • MICKEY NIVELLI30-Jan-2014

    AFTER KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LUST AND LOVE, we graduate from physical to our spiritual dimensions. Lust sans love needs artificial propellers, like alcohol, drugs and whatever else delivers, fleeting excitements. Emotional love differs. Compassion over passion an evolved lover prefers. Spiritual bonds even without a physical base are blessed by an ethereal grace. Such sublime commitments rise far above, lust and passion which never is love. All physical and material needs are conditional. Failure to satisfy makes the relationship abysmal. It actually is only a trade off or a bargain. It's range is confined to the mundane domain. True love is an unconditional selfless experience. It enriches the soul. There is divine deliverance. When we transcend the flesh with sublime sensitivity love remains fresh and it embraces eternity.

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