Washington: A China based South Korean restaurant has offered free meals to its 50 first customers, but only if they are most beautiful.

The Jeju Island restaurant in Zhengzhou, China, launched a promotional offer, which is part beauty contest, part early-bird special, and would give away free food to the first 50 attractive customers to arrive at its doors each day, the Mashable reported.

Hatke news: This China based restaurant would give you free meal if you're 'beautiful'

The customers are supposed to get their faces scanned at a “beauty identification area” before they place order, and are then considered by some local Zhengzhou plastic surgeons, who are working with the restaurant on this idea.

According to The Telegraph, customers are evaluated on the “quality of their faces, eyes, noses and mouths,” and that, “protruding foreheads are a particular advantage.”

The promotional offer’s bright pink sign reads: “Restaurant for Good Looking,” which the authorities have tried to remove the due to lack proper permission to display it.

Restaurant manager Xue Hexin told The Telegraph, that though they would be more careful with advertising in future, their offer would continue.