'This guy took me for a ride...'

Dear Diana,
Eight months ago, I met this guy during a conference. He had flown down to Mumbai for the event from New Delhi where he is based. Over the four days at the event, we gelled well.

We kept in touch as he travels to Mumbai at least three to four times a month for work. Gradually one thing led to another and he admitted that he was in love with me. Whenever he was in town, we would spend time together. Things were going fine till he recently told me that he was married. I was taken aback that he hid this fact from me. When I asked him, he said he did not feel the need to. I had fallen for him and we even spoke about marriage. All these months he was showering me with gifts and whatever I asked for. He had even invited me to New Delhi to meet his family. This man has taken me for a royal ride. He just used me physically. After this incident, he has not even bothered to call or check on me. Whenever I call him, his number is always switched off. As my family was unaware of my affair, I cannot even tell them anything.
— Vaidehi

Dear Vaidehi,
This man was just looking for a romp outside marriage. Till the going was good, he was with you. He then probably got bored of you or must have realised that he was having an extra marital affair and it needed to stop. You were gullible enough to fall in his trap. As he is not from Mumbai, you could not even check his antecedents. It is clear that this guy was not in love with you. Things could have got worse and ugly for you. It is better that you steer clear from him. He may have even changed his cell phone number. He seems to have trapped you with his sweet talk and splurged you with gifts. You got carried away and fell for his charms and sweet talk. Just let it remain a nightmare that you have now woken up from. Be wary before befriending and trusting anyone.

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