This Lower Parel outlet can satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings

The charming interiors of The Rolling Pin's outlet at R City Mall in Ghatkopar had us wanting to step in for a while. We finally did, at their less-than-a-month-old outlet in Lower Parel. A long open kitchen that had kids gaping at the chefs at work, sunlight lighting up the baked goodies section, and cheery red chairs to match an '80s music playlist — there was a lot to love about the place. And the food made us equally happy. The menu is vast and boasts of quick bites like sandwiches, bagels, waffles, burgers, in addition to pizzas, Asian woks and a wide range of baked items.

The Rolling Pin
Food          Good
Service       Regular
Ambiance    Sunny

The Mexican Tycoon burger was satiating
The Mexican Tycoon burger was satiating

We ordered for a curious-sounding Thai Ice Tea (Rs 175, prices exclusive of taxes), and Honey & Grain bagel with Herb Cream Cheese (Rs 175, one can mix-n-match a different type of bagel with different spreads) while we waited for our takeaway order. The ice tea was served in a cutesy glass bottle that could be poured in glass for a sip.

The bill was served on a rolling pin
The bill was served on a rolling pin

The interiors of the boulangerie
The interiors of the boulangerie

Honey & Grain Bagel
Honey & Grain Bagel. Pics/Datta Kumbhar, Dhara Vora

The flavours of kafir lime leaves and coconut milk blended brilliantly with the tea to make it an instant hit. Yet, after a while, the milk started to curdle; not a pretty sight. The bagel was equally delicious, especially the cheese spread, which is stuff made in breakfast heaven. For our takeaway, we picked up Cheese Junglee Sandwich (Rs 205), Lebanese Wrap (Rs 225) and Mexican Tycoon burger (Rs 250).

Thai Ice tea was unique
Thai Ice tea was unique

the delicious Caramello Bar
The delicious Caramello Bar

These come with a generous dose of fries on the side. The sandwich had a heavenly filling of soft cheese mixed with herbs and onions. Though the white bread was a bummer. The Lebanese Wrap was filling; however, the falafel tasted more like Kothimbir Vadi! The hit of the parcel was the burger. With its bean and jalapeno patty packed between the lightest buns we've had in a while, it was one of the best vegetarian burgers we've tasted in the city. From the dessert section, the Whoppie Pie (Rs 55) and the Caramello Bar or mousse was wiped off in seconds. So was the Chocola Croissant (Rs 85). The Pretzel (Rs 60) was nothing to write about.

Despite a few minor bumps, the overall experience inspires an encore, and soon.

Time: 9.30 am to 11.30 pm
At: Janta Industrial Estate, opposite High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel.
Call: 24979952
The Rolling Pin didn't know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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