Cricket hero Yuvraj Singh's mom, Shabnam, recently revealed that her son was suffering from non-malignant tumour, but was on the path to recovery. She has been acting as her son's spokesperson for quite a while now. Here are some of her comments on different issues:

>> On Kapil Dev's comments on Yuvi
"I was indeed pained to read Kapil Dev's highly provocative comment on Yuvi's party life. As a mother, I am hurt mainly because Kapil has known Yuvi ever since he was born. All I want to remind Kapil is that people who stay in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at others. He should introspect his misdeeds during the time he played cricket."

>> On Yuvi's breakup with Deepika Padukone
Deepika is a good girl. But we didn't even think in our dreams that she will do like this with him. My son is innocent and talks straightforward. Why did she leave him?

>> On finding a bride for Yuvi
"I think it is the question of finding the right person. He has to find the girl who should be understanding and one who is aware about his needs as a cricketer and supports him in that."

>> On Yuvraj's dismal performance after the World Cup win
 Like all sportsmen, she said, Yuvraj too was going though a bad patch, but now all must take note of his role in the team's success. "He has been a match-winner on numerous occasions. How can you forget his contribution? He has learnt from past experiences and is now a mature cricketer," she said.

>> On reports that Yuvraj evaded tax
 "The fact is that during the IPL, Yuvraj's agreement with M/s KPH Dream Cricket Pvt Ltd entitled him to a certain sum which was paid to him for his services of playing for the team. Therefore, there is no breakup of earnings." She denied reports that Yuvraj owes Rs 96.43 lakh service tax on his income from the first and second IPL season.