This one's a treasure app!

If you have a passion for collecting the good things in life, you must be familiar with the hassles in managing the collection.

To rectify the situation, a new iOS compatible app has been launched.

This app helps manage your collectibles

Titled the Prime Collector app, the digital curator helps you systematically track and manage your collectibles, be it artworks, fine wine, vintage fashion, jewellery, stamps, coins, cars, furniture or antiquities.

As a part of the process, the collector has to document their collection by taking photographs and uploading these images along with details of the value and provenance of the object, its location, restoration history, etc.

It offers customised database fields that are unique to each collection category.

Apart from cataloguing collectables, collectors can also nominate a trust or a beneficiary for each item in their collection.

The application also tracks insurance deadlines, valuation and taxation schedules.

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