Matunga police has arrested Ibrahim Sheikh, who was accused of stealing shoes from posh localities in south Mumbai, and allegedly making lakhs in reselling them. He used to allegedly sell the stolen shoes in the Dedh Gully and Null Bazaar markets.

Three years ago, a house-breaking incident in Matunga was captured on CCTV camera installed in the building. While investigating that case, the police recently arrested Sheikh. A police officer said, “While questioning him, he told us of his business of stealing branded shoes.” The officer added, “No one files FIRs if shoes are stolen. Therefore, it was a lucrative business for Sheikh.”

Sheikh said that after selling cinema tickets in black for many years, he shifted to selling stolen phones. Later, one of his friends told him about Null Baazar, where he could fetch a good price for stolen shoes. A police officer said, “Sheikh would get into posh buildings and steal branded shoes.”

Senior police inspector B Kakad of Matunga police station said, “The accused is currently in custody and we are investigating his accomplices and network."

In its January 11, 2016 edition, mid-day had carried an article about places in Mumbai where stolen shoes are a big commodity.