Narendra Modi, the BJP, Congress and just about anyone else remotely involved in the investigation of the Godhra affair came in for flak and scrutiny in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's recent decision. A certain Maitreya Mahesh had this rather pointed message: 'It's time the mainstream media, jholawallas and intellectuals stop milking the riots for their grandeur.

Wounds exist on both sides.' Sunanda Vashisht asked: 'Does anyone remember Godhra? Just asking as everyone is talking about the Gujarat riots. Both were reprehensible, hence both should be condemned.' And there was this comment from Kiran Kumar S: 'I doubt anyone celebrates the death of any human, be it Godhra Karsevaks or Ehsan Jafri.'

In memoriam
'Gautam Rajadhyaksha, who made it possible for us to see humans beyond the celebrities, passes away!' That tweet by someone called Pradnya echoed the sentiments of many after the famous lensman died of a heart attack at 60. Madhavan Narayanan referred to him as a 'strange-eyed photographer who could manufacture beauty for plainer Bollywood stars with his lens.' According to Sudhir Sarnobat, 'he made an average looking actress beautiful with his soft focus technique.' And there was some cynicism from Chidiya Rani: 'Karl Marx also became popular after he died. That's how this world works, sadly.'

Wishes and horses
What would you do if your dreams came true? Answers to that question clogged timelines as people on Twitter said they would 'thank God first', 'think of a new dream almost immediately', 'wake up to a closet bursting with a rainbow of swoon-worthy dresses' and, predictably, 'be Bieber's girlfriend right now.'

The last word
A confession, or tribute, from filmmaker Karan Johar: 'When I was hugely overweight, Gautam Rajadhyaksha told me, "Darling, not that it makes a difference, but try to give me your left may help!"'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online