David Mayman with the jetpack prototype
David Mayman with the jetpack prototype

Superhero fans gear up to live out your flying fantasies. David Mayman, a former commercial pilot from Australia, has worked with a team of engineers to build the world's first one-person vertical take-off device.

A prototype of the commercially available jetpack, which is expected to be launched in 2019, has previously soared across the seas of Morocco, and as recently as last week, above River Thames in London.

The jetpack, which goes by the name JB-10, is powered by two miniature jet engines run on aviation fuel that sit on either side of a harness and can be controlled using two joysticks.

Mayman and his team are hoping to raise money in a crowdfunding campaign to help them create an electric version of the jetpack, which they hope to sell from around $2,50,000 (R1.66 crore) each.

"A lot of us spent time in our youth fantasising about what it would be like to follow Buck Rogers up in the air with our very own jetpacks. We are getting a lot closer to launching a commercial product, but there is still much further that we can take our design and ideas," Mayman told British tabloids in a preview last week.

The jetpack is able to lift around 158kg and can reach speeds of up to 60mph. It uses twin turbo jets that don't consume too much fuel.

The body weight (in kilos) the jetpack will be able to lift

Rs 1.6
The price in crores of the gear when it's up for sale in 2019