This time, it's Raj vs Raj

Oct 03, 2011, 08:22 IST | Varun Singh

BJP's Mumbai chief Raj Purohit takes potshots at MNS leader Raj Thackeray, says people who praise Gujarat's development, should keep in mind that Mumbai is far better than any other city

It appears the BJP has drawn their swords against Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) ahead of the BMC elections to be conducted in 2012. Not one to waste any opportunity, the BJP's Mumbai chief Raj Purohit took potshots at MNS leader Raj Thackeray on Saturday while inaugurating a swimming pool at Shivaji Park.

Commenting on Thackeray's remarks on Gujarat's development and roads, Purohit said, "Kuch logo ko padosiyon ke thaali me jyada ghee nazar aati hain."

Snide: BJP's Mumbai chief Raj Purohit indicted Thackeray for praising
development in Gujarat

Floored: After his trip to Gujarat, Raj Thackeray had showered praises
on Modi's business skills

When asked what he meant, Purohit simply answered, "There are many people who find Ahmedabad or Bangalore to be a better city. However, Mumbai is far more developed and those people should keep that in mind."

Purohit's comments came after Thackeray had attacked his estranged cousin Uddhav on his return from Gujarat where he not only praised the Gujarat CM but also criticised the BJP-Sena led BMC ('Click pictures of potholes, not animals', September 20).

Purohit added that Mumbai was better than any other state and said, "If an election was held BMC would be voted as India's best municipal corporation."

 However, when Purohit was asked if he was hinting at Raj Thackeray or anyone else, Purohit remained non-committal and said, "I do not want to talk about Raj Thackeray or anyone else. What I said was about the municipal corporation and the work that it has been doing and was not aimed at anyone."

Meanwhile, in wake of the upcoming polls, the BJP will conduct meetings with their ally Shiv Sena regarding seat sharing on October 12.

"Last elections, we contested on 72 seats. However, this time, we have Republican Party of India as an ally too and hence some sort of compromise will have to be reached but we are sure that things will be solved amicably," added Purohit.

Thackeray's digs
On his return from Ahmedabad, where he had gone to lend support to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi's three-day fast, Raj Thackeray hinted that his cousin should pay more attention to the potholes in the city, rather than visiting other states to click pictures of animals. "The BMC has come up with a plan wherein Mumbaikars can click pictures of potholes and send it to the authorities. However, I suggest that instead of visiting other states and clicking photographs of animals, it would be better if one photographs potholes here," said Raj.

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