This wonder T-shirt recycles your body heat

Keeping up with the monsoon in Mumbai is tough. It's warm and sweaty one moment, chilly the next, and suddenly, there's a downpour. To that, add an uneven air-conditioning at the workplace — and damn, it's a recipe to invite the sniffles.


Unfortunately, there's no solution for the cold, but I stumbled upon a fabric (or, T-shirt) to fight these sudden changes in temperature. There is a new range of T-shirts, Woodland Advance Cell Block Technology T-Shirt, made using Celliant, a brand of fabric that converts radiant body heat into infrared energy.

Celliant fibres (also used in Puma's Usain Bolt line, and a new range of men's underwear by Jockey) contain very fine thermo-reactive minerals, which absorb body heat, convert it into infrared and then send it to the body, thus regulating body temperature. Amazing, right? Well, I found the T-shirt's heat-regulating ability useful. I am a fan of this new fabric.

But that's not all. Infrared radiation has been claimed to be beneficial in increasing blood flow (though we can not vouch for it yet), which, Woodland claims help increase stamina, thus, making it ideal for gym wear. However, there are few aspects to factor in — the stitching in the inside is a bit coarse, making it uncomfortable. Secondly, it's prone to develop bobbles sooner than expected, and is hence not recommended for rough activities.

Price Rs 2,795
Available AT All Woodland stores

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