Three artists convey stillness using different media

The exhibition Mapping Stillness is an exploration of the idea of stillness through the works of three artists — Sujith SN, Prathap Modi and Madhu Das. The media used by the artists are diverse and include watercolours, woodblocks, woodcut prints and drawings, and trace journeys into a fictitious world.

Sujith SN's work
Sujith SN's work

Sujith, who uses watercolours as his medium, negotiates the formal aspects of scale and colour to construct panoramic landscapes. His dark and spacious images evoke a sense of ennui that is endemic to the modern world.

This is well conveyed in one of his works in which a man stares blankly at a dark horizon of complex space and is completely solitary.

Prathap Modi's work
Prathap Modi's work

The woodblocks and woodcut prints of Modi though are more of a self-reflective study. In two of his works, men are seen in meditative postures conjuring a fantastic world.

Third artist, Madhu Das's works are a series of mixed media drawings that are interconnected and are a comment on society with inspiration from history and the present.

Madhu Das's work
Madhu Das's work

In one of her paintings a man is shown struck by several arrows and daggers, which evokes the thought of the plight of the oppressed in society, watched by those in power.

Opens July 22
At: Nine Fish Art Gallery, The New Great Eastern Mills, Ambedkar Road, Byculla
Call: 2265542300

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