It can't get bigger than this. Cricket and music come together at the Champions League Twenty20 opening night when American rappers Ludacris and Flo Rida and desi boy Jay Sean jam up a rocking performance. The Guide got chatty with Jay Sean to get the inside dope on the performance line-up for the evening

From celebrating the South Asian Culture at the London Mela festival, to performing around the globe and finally ending the long journey with a pumped up performance lined up in Bangalore this evening, alongside Flo Rida and Ludacris - he has a lot on his plate now. But what brings Jay Sean to Bangalore?

Jay Sean

"I am really looking forward to performing at the Champions League T20 this year. I love the whole journey and it is always nice to return to the people who were there for me in the beginning," says an elated Sean.

Ludacris, who's coming to the city for the first time and has been busy promoting his Asian tour on Facebook and Twitter, says, "I am really excited about performing in India, can't wait. On my way to China, Korea, India and Singapore (all in a week)."

While Sean's style of fusing Bhangra with R&B and hip-hop has left thousands across the world excited, India is his favourite place to perform.
"India holds a lot of memories from the early days in my career. So I'm happy to come back. Bangalore is a beautiful city. I always feel like I'm in the tropics when I'm here because of the beautiful greenery," he explains. 
Time for some Crickentainment
While his website and blogs have been flooded with requests from his Bangalore fans, he sure has an interesting mix lined up to woo his fans here.

Flo Rida

Some of his hits on the billboard chart would be sung and fans across the city are sure excited about it. So much that the music lovers of the city have already booked their tickets.

 Bangalore's recently introduced R&B affiliation pleases the man and he is quite excited about catching up with young bees closely following the genre.

What's his advice to young musicians? "I am glad that the genre is catching up in the city. I would advice these musicians to just keep making good music as good stuff always finds a way to float to the top.

Also, I'd advice them to never give up on their dreams because this industry isn't easy. If it were easy then everyone would do it.  You have to constantly fight for your craft," he says.

Bollywood masala? Oh Yes!
While grapevine surely has a lot of interesting stories about the R&B sensation like collaborating with Bollywood's hotties or partying all night with them, Sean surely is not one to deny those rumours.

From his collaboration with Sonu Nigam, to his link-ups with Priyanka Chopra, there's a lot that has kept Sean engaged. "I hope to be a part of many more Bollywood projects.


But it is really funny how all of these rumours come about. The Sonu Nigam collaboration is true and it is awesome. I am definitely going to be working with Priyanka Chopra as a song writer for her upcoming release," he asserts.

Meanwhile, quiz him if he's singing an upbeat number for Shah Rukh Khan, and he says, "Of course I'd never say no to working with Shah Rukh Khan."

Talking about his recently released Mistress, that cast a spell on those who've followed his music for years, he says the phenomenal response has left him elated.

"The overall response has been awesome. It was exactly what I was hoping for. I was missing making these beautiful R&B records, so I decided to just do it and not worry about what's on the radio or chart success. I just wanted to give my fans what I know they've been longing for from me," says Sean.

While cricketers from across the globe will give fans a lot of adrenaline rush in the T20 series, the city is already awaiting this massive concert, a day before the series begins, with bated breath.

Where Palace Grounds, Gayathri Vihar
On September 22, 8 pm
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