Three's a crowd on a motorbike

Mar 14, 2014, 07:56 IST | MiDDAY Correspondent

Just recently, several newspapers carried reports about two young men who died after meeting with an accident on the Lalbaug flyover, while riding on a motorbike. These young men, Akshay Kapre, Imran Khan and bike owner Saddam Gosh (26) were on a joy ride celebrating Kapre’s birthday. According to reports, three of them were on the bike. Khan was riding the bike while Kapre and Gosh were riding pillion. They were not wearing helmets.

It was approximately 2.30 am when the trio, which some reports say were under the influence of alcohol, were riding on the Lalbaug flyover. Their bike crashed into a divider and they flew on to the other side. Another bike also with three riders, crashed into them. Those riders suffered injuries. But, Kapre and Khan did not survive the accident.
Dangers of riding with three

While driving under the influence of alcohol and helmet-less riding are being checked to some extent by the police, it is upto people to stop riding three and four to a bike.

So often, we see young men (especially now with Holi coming up) careening on our roads, three to a bike. Three persons on a bike means the rider has to carry more weight. There are much more demands on the driver, especially during stopping. When he puts both feet down, it asks for more control. There is greater skill needed while balancing.

Three persons riding on a bike means the second pillion rider is on the edge of the bike, while the person who is riding the bike is right in the front, literally on the petrol tank. All this is highly risky. Here, on scooters too we often see entire families — the man riding the scooter, a child standing in front, the wife riding pillion with a little child.

Overloading a vehicle compromises the rider’s ability to manouevre, restricts movement to some extent, may hamper reaction time and is highly risky on the whole. Even if authorities do not, people need to stop commuting like this.

Here, three is lethal company.

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