Throwback Thursday: Which famous place in Mumbai is this? Guess!

Throwback Thursday: Which famous place in Mumbai is this? Guess!Bombay University Hall

Can you guess which famous place Mumbai is this? Clue 1: It is one of the first state universities of India. Clue 2: It was established in 1857. Still no?

The photo is 146 years old of Bombay University Hall at Mumbai and was taken in 1870.

The University of Bombay was established in 1857 after presentation of a petition from the Bombay Association to the British colonial government in India. The University of Mumbai was modeled on similar universities in the United Kingdom, specifically the University of London.

The first departments established were the Faculty of Arts at Elphinstone College in 1835 and the Faculty of Medicine at Grant Medical College in 1845. Both colleges existed before the university was founded and surrendered their degree-granting privileges to the university. The first degrees awarded in 1862 were Bachelor of Arts and Licentiate in Medicine.

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