8-pack team! Meet the men who make Tiger Shroff the physical genius that he is

Feb 19, 2017, 11:50 IST | Sonia Lulla

From left to right: Tiger Shroff’s gymnastic team, Rahul Suryavanshi, Nadeem Akhthar, Bikram Swain, Shroff, Kuldeep Shashi, Rakesh Yadav and Imran Khan
From left to right: Tiger Shroff’s gymnastic team, Rahul Suryavanshi, Nadeem Akhthar, Bikram Swain, Shroff, Kuldeep Shashi, Rakesh Yadav and Imran Khan

A quick scan at his Instagram profile is sufficient to ascertain that Tiger Shroff adores himself. A series of barebody shots are peppered over a string of bit-sized videos, and only infrequently will the protagonist of this assortment be anyone other than Shroff. Yet, what makes one linger on his feed longer than usual are the awe-inspiring stunts that make up these videos, few among which offer a sneak peeks into his upcoming films, other which, he says, are performed “as a hobby”.

Given the first glimpse that the viewers got to witness of Shroff, categorising him as just another action hero, was seamless. But his successive appearances made both, filmmakers and even those less mesmerised with action, take note. His movements speak of deep-seated techniques blended with strength that doesn’t need a bulky façade for exhibition. Coupled with this is his finesse, one that his gymnastic trainer says is “much better than our own”. His confession of having “grown up considering Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson my idols”, justifies this evolution.

The actor gave hitlist an indoor into his elaborate team of trainers, which brought multiple aspects of his personality to the fore. Despite his physical prowess, he’s just like us. “He can finish three packets of MNMs, and an entire bar of white chocolate in a single sitting. Tiger loves ice-creams too,” says his fitness trainer and nutritionist, Nitesh Sharma, adding, “But these meals too have to be carefully incorporated in his diet. We have to almost beg him to take a cheat meal.” Shroff battles the claim stating, “It’s a psychological factor. I’ve recently learnt the role that food plays in enhancing our ability. If I eat an ice-cream, I can’t be at piece until I’ve burnt out the calories with an hour-long run,” he says.

Physical Training
>> Follows a 2-days-on, 1-day-off format
>> Strength-based workout, involves 8-12 sets, 10 reps, to build muscle size
>> Gymnastics - thrice a week 
>> Dance - 2 hours daily

Kuldeep Shashi
“Tiger admires back and forward flips, but feigns lethargy in executing flexibility exercises. It’s an element he may not admire, but executes none-the-less. His [impeccable] flexibility is testimony to this fact.”

Bikram Swain
In 2007, Swain arrived at Mumbai’s Juhu beach, which was also frequented by Tiger. Following a short stunt-based face-off with the star-kid, Swain became a part of his team. In the midst of a photo shoot session with the actor, he says, “When we began to train, we’d practice for four hours. Now, given his acting commitments, he is unable to devote that much time to gymnastics alone, but whenever he’s free, we practice in Andheri.”

>> Shroff consumes four meals a day
>> On the days that he trains for several hours, he consumes protein shakes and sweet potatoes (for energy)
>> He derives his protein from foods such as fish, chicken and beef 
>> He consumes carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index, like sweet potatoes, brown rice, vegetables and broccoli

Paresh Shirodkar with Tiger Shroff
Paresh Shirodkar with Tiger Shroff

Paresh Shirodkar, Dance trainer
“Since we have both grown up as Michael Jackson fans, we follow his style of dance. I would say Tiger loves Hip-Hop, but it’s MJ’s style of Hip-Hop. We dance daily for close to two hours. Few of the sessions may be a part of his ongoing projects, the rest, Tiger attends in order to practice dance as a hobby.”

“We conduct a type 2 allergy test to learn of the foods that work, or do not work for him. We have to constantly monitor how well he performs in his fitness, gymnastics or dance classes. If his face looks puffy or he appears weary, we’re able to zero in on the foods that don’t suit him. For instance, he is allergic to almonds and peanuts, so we replace them with macadamia nuts instead. His appearance, performance and mood needs to be monitored constantly, but it helps when we get results.”

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