Tiger Wood's girlfriend Lindsey Vonn battling depression

Oct 21, 2014, 08:33 IST | A Correspondent

Tiger Woods' girlfriend Lindsey Vonn has revealed in a interview with German magazine Focus that she's been suffering from depression since she was 19.

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn 

Vonn, who turned 30 on Saturday, said that the illness has been a constant companion ever since she can remember. "I have good and I have bad days. I'm undergoing medication and I will always have to take these medicines. Every day," said the four-time World Cup-winning American skier.

Though the illness is under control, Vonn said that it bothers her if she trains too much. "Sometimes very hard training triggers this depression.

If I'm physically very exhausted, the exhaustion, the emptiness and sadness may spread inside me. But the drugs have helped a lot," said Vonn, who will be making a comeback at December's World Cup in Lake Louise after being out of action for the most of last year due to injury.

The 2010 Olympic downhill champion added that she falls back on partner and star golfer Woods for support. "I am very happy with his support. Tiger is my inspiration," said Vonn, adding that the couple often compete with each other too.

"We transform our daily life into a competition. We make a note of things like who's up in the morning first, or who is faster out from the front door to the car."

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