Tiger Woods, a hero for children with special needs

Even as Tiger Woods was chased by the media for that 'extra' bit amidst a packed schedule, the former World No 1 who embarks on yet another comeback took enough time out for special children, children with disability and special needs to meet them and answer questions extensively in a totally exclusive manner.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods 

Woods is making a comeback at his own event the Hero World Challenge, which among other things has raised as much as US $25 million in charity. Much as he is eager to tee off at the event, Woods is more than excited at the way TWF is shaping up and how Hero is partnering his most cherish work of helping children.

For a better part of the hour, Woods answered questions on his back, the swing, the change in coaches, the Ryder Cup and the future of his tournament, but his biggest smiles came to the fore while discussing the TWF and children.

No sooner had he finished his meeting with the media Woods went down to meet special guests, one in a wheelchair and another young boy, barely four years old with just arm, having lost the other.

Woods spent considerable time with both, separately one by one and answered all their questions, which ranged from his preparation to the plans for the immediate future and his views on the event. He also told them his vision for the TWF.

Talking of his relationship with Hero and TWF, Woods said, "I met Pawan Munjal here at the Tavistock Cup when it was here at Isleworth during the gala dinner (some years ago), and we've had a dialogue for quite some time.

To be able to go to his home country and be able to play Delhi Golf Club, which is a very historic golf course there, and to have the type of reception that we had there was absolutely phenomenal. I don't think any of us quite expected it to be like that. "

"And then for that to transition to (come to) where we are now where we are partners, and for him, his company, to be a part of our foundation and what we are trying to do for kids, it's just tremendous.

"And I'm excited, personally. I know everyone here at the foundation is excited about this partnership and we are looking forward to our relationship going forward."

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