Tiger Woods' girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic skier, fooled a host of people from the ticket window at Vail ski resort in Colorado recently.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn. Pics/AFP, Getty Images
Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn. Pics/AFP, Getty Images 

Twenty nine-year old Vonn whose golf legend boyfriend is not playing the Augusta Masters due to injury, decided to go undercover as a trainee employee on her first day at work.

According to fashionnstyle.com, she was recognised by only one person as she wore a baseball cap and shades. The website reported: "She often referenced herself in the third person. 'You're fast? You think you could beat Lindsey Vonn fast?' she told one customer."

Another visitor was told that she would bump into Lindsey Vonn on the slopes. It all went well for Vonn, but her heart skipped a beat when one customer recognised her.

"I've never seen you this close. You're in disguise. I've actually seen you this close on this big poster of you on the wall. I dream about you at night," he said. "Nice," replied Vonn. "That's super creepy."

Vonn didn't go on and on with the prank, but when they were told by a camera crew that it was her at the counter, one guy emphasised, "Seriously? That was Lindsey Vonn? Can I go back in and say hi to her?" Before that, she made people sing for free passes. Some prankster this! Tiger ought to be wary.