Los Angeles: Tim Burton has reportedly cheated on partner Helena Bonhem Carter, which led to their split.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter. Pic/AFP

Burton, 56, and Carter, 48, announced the end of their 13-year relationship last week, reported Radar online.

Reports suggest that 'Big Fish' director has been involved with one of his employees, Berenice Percival, a 39-year-old production assistant who has been working for him from last three years.

"Berenice is telling friends that they're happy, in love and that she sees a future with Tim. He has been caring and a lovely father figure to her son. She refers to Tim as her boyfriend," a source said.

Burton and Carter insisted their split is amicable and they even spent Christmas together with their two children, Billy Ray, 11, and Nell, six.