Time to get instrumental

Sep 19, 2011, 11:08 IST | Promita Mukherjee

They are not 'wax heads' as their band name suggests. Catch Mexican band Cabezas de Cera in action today

They say that music brings countries closer. So when Mexican instrumental band Cabezas de Cera (which means Wax heads in Mexican) came to the Capital to perform they headed to Nizamuddin to lend their ears to the Sufi recital at the dargah.

The band performs at the Mexican Embassy in the Capital during the
weekend. Pic/shazid chauhan

The band, known for their mix of musical influences from across the world, is a regular at art-rock festivals. The band will be giving you a taste of their music today. Despite language problems, we caught up with band member Mauricio as he walked across Nizamuddin's gallis. Here are excerpts:

What brings you to Nizamuddin?
We are interested in Sufi music. So we came here to listen to qawalis.

What are you playing tonight?
We'll do a selection from our albums (they have cut five records in the last 10 years). There will be electro-acoustic sounds that bring in music of Mexico. There will be something from Indian music. Indian music is as universal as rock and blues.

What are the influences on your music?
We are influenced by music from all over the world. In our music, you will find influences from rock, pop, traditional Mexican, experimental, world beat and more. 

How would you describe your music for first-time listeners?
Our emotions find reciprocation in our music. On one hand, it has traditional influences and on the other it is very cutting-edge.

You make your own instruments. What are the instruments that you use during your performances?
Francisco Sotelo makes our instruments. We use a Jarana prisma (a traditional instrument from Mexico), electro-acoustic drums, windi midi, which is an electronic flute found in Latin America, chapman stick, tricordio and 12-string guitar. 

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