Dutch tech-trance DJ Marco Verkuijlen who is playing in the Sunburn festival this year is in the country. He'll be playing at the official release parties for the festival and kicking up a storm in the process

Goa beach, national and international DJs, loud music, crazy crowds dancing to the beat, and curious onlookers asking for more! Before you start running your imagination wild and start visualizing the weirdest of things, here is the brief-we are talking about Asia's biggest electronic dance fest, Sunburn, which is back for it's fifth year.

Marco V, who has been DJing for the past 10 years, gets talking about Indian audiences. "It's my first time in India and I am totally blown away by the response of the crowd. The start of the Sunburn pre-party tour has been phenomenal so far. The crowds have fantastic energy which gave me a lot of strength. Audiences have always been my first priority and seeing them in high spirits makes me happy. So, I am all enthusiastic," says an excited Marco.

On being asked what his biggest passion is, he adds, "I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson. But when it comes to passion, music has always been my biggest passion.  To make music and be a DJ was always my dream."
He further adds, "I wanted to come to Goa for a long time and now that finally I will be playing here, I am all geared up and can't wait for the magic to happen."

Blame it on the Goan fever the man seems smitten even before he has dug his toes into the Goan sand. "I have heard a lot about Goa beaches. And I am also aware of the party culture here. I know the place organises really great parties." When asked what will he play in Sunburn he replies, "I'll play house music and techno trance. It will basically be a mixture of everything. And yes, there will be a lot of my own productions too."