Time to pucker up, it's Christmas!

The cover of Cathy Kelly's Christmas Magic is what drew me to the book. The bright pink, the sparkles, all helped add much-needed cheer to my flagging spirits after a particularly tiring day.
Judging by the cover, I guessed it would be a book for women and about women, offering insights into what it is that we 'women want'. I was right.

The book is a compilation of 19 short stories and by the time I got to the third one of the best I knew what to expect: stories about the dilemmas faced by us women folk.
The book addresses issues ranging from spinsterhood and infertility to unwanted guests and handsome men! It's commendable that the author manages to resolve each issue within the span of a short story.
And for all you guys out there, hoping to figure out a thing or two about women, this book might throw a few surprises and insights! Here's to a Merry Christmas!

For Rs 350
Christmas Magic by Cathy Kelly is published by Harper Collins. Available at leading bookstores.


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