Tina Ambani stands by Priyanka Chopra's side

Though she was conspicuous by her absence at Dr Ashok Chopra’s funeral and the prayer meeting that was organised a day later, Tina Ambani paid Priyanka Chopra a visit on Wednesday afternoon at her Versova residence.

Tina Ambani

Both Tina and PC are known to be good friends and the actress is often spotted at parties hosted by the Ambanis. After her father lost his prolonged battle with cancer, Priyanka was visited by the who’s who of Bollywood to convey their condolences.

A source says, “Tina remained by PC’s side for almost two hours. The actress has been inconsolable after Dr Chopra’s death. Tina and PC spoke at length about her father. Tina advised Priyanka to stay strong for her family’s sake.”

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