With a number of sightseeing tours, photographic opportunities and historical landmarks, you can spend days in New York taking strolls around. Actress Tina Desai has summarised her spring tour in five things to do in New York during spring.

Tina Desai
Tina Desai

Here’s what she suggests:

* Central Park: Best of the lot to see the first sign of spring in New York City. Central park is one spot with blooms popping up all over the place. Long strolls is one thing that one can never get bored of here. While Central Park offers a tranquil respite all year round from the surrounding cacophony of urban life, it is during the spring time that the park really sparkles.

* Finger Lakes: Along the shores of Seneca Lake is amazing wine country, an elegant way to explore the New York countryside. Biking or hiking trails criss-cross across this preserve nestled between Seneca and Cayuga lakes.

* Shopping is must: From latest chic trends to summer hot picks, you can find everything in the spring fleas here. One can just not miss Long Island’s city flea. This is an underrated market here for the locals. Having said that, it’s a must visit for tourists. This one is curated with the diversity and spirit of queens in mind. Choose from art, baked goods, handmade jewellery, photography and more. Other than this, Brooklyn flea that opens in May gives a fresh essence of spring shopping.

* Birding: The best way to enjoy spring is getting outside to explore the outdoors. Here in New York, birding is a big hobby, and you can get into the sport by spending one or all six days at Wave hill with bird-inspired activities. From bird-themed art to walks through the park pointing out different species to science programmes and feathered demonstrations, Spring Wings is sure to open your child's eyes to a new experience.

* Nightlife and bars: After the cold heavy winter, New York lights up and how during spring. Most of the open air venues are shut during the winter and open again in spring. When you’re done checking off more activities in New York, celebrate the warmth and renewal with refreshing craft beers and crisp cocktails under the sky.