Tinkering with ODI rules will upset fans: Richardson

Dubai: The Cricket Committee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) recently suggested various changes to ODI playing conditions. Although these recommendations would be ratified during the ICC’s Chief Executive meeting in Barbados later this month, there is a fear that the excessive tinkering with the rules might not go down well with the fans. 

David Richardson

“There is a danger if we keep changing the rules. People won’t understand the game. Yes, it might also confuse the fans and they might decide not to watch it. So, the principle is when we are changing the rules, it is to simplify the game rather than complicate it,” ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said recently.

With the Cricket Committee discussing the possibility of playing day/night Test cricket, Richardson revealed that the Australia and New Zealand cricket boards are in a discussion to play a one-off day/night Test later this year.

“Pink balls can sustain 80 overs. There is nothing that can stop (teams) from playing now. Hopefully, some countries will identify venues and proper climatic conditions to enable play day/night Tests. Australia and New Zealand are in talks to play,” said Richardson.

Three proposed ODI changes

>> The requirement to have two compulsory catchers in the first 10 overs be removed.

>> The batting powerplay be done away with.

>> That five fieldsmen be allowed outside the circle from overs 41-50 (currently four fieldsmen are allowed outside the circle during this period).



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