>> One of the basic habits people have is to wash the hair every time you get wet. If you keep the hair wet, the chances are high of getting a scalp disease like dandruff.

>> If you must, wash it with a mild, vitamin-based shampoo. Also do not overdo the use of styling products. Keep the tresses as natural and free from chemicals as possible.
>> Increased humidity in the weather leads to dry and frizzy hair. Regular conditioning is important to avoid excessive dryness and frizz.
>> To beat the heat, during monsoons, hair tends to get frizzy all the time, which may lead to various hair issues. Nitin Manchanda, hair expert from Indola, says the regular use of shampoo and conditioner is the best way to control hair damage.
>> Your diet is very important to have a healthy hair and skin. Drink plenty of water and consume proteins.
>> Go for trip sessions. Also indulge into occasional
hair spa.

(With inputs from beauty artist Sujata Aru)