'Tired' boy scouts lost, then rescued at SGNP

A fun camping trip turned into a nightmare when five school children got lost in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. They were rescued an agonising four hours later

A scouts camp of Bharat English Medium High School turned into a horror story for five boys, who got lost in the jungle. The school, located in Thane, had organised a Scouts camp at Yeoor hills in Sanjay Gandhi National Park for class 10 students on Friday.

The group consisted of nearly 70 boys and five teachers. Two local adivasis escorted the group to the campsite and once they reached, the scouts were told to  look for raw food so they could get the feel of an actual camping experience. After procuring the food, the boys started walking to the base following the
local guides.

While returning, Raj (name changed) got tired and sat down to catch his breath and his friends Prashant, Suresh, Karan and Umesh stayed back to give him company. By the time they were ready to head back, their classmates had disappeared, and the boys realised they were lost.

On reaching the base camp at 5.30 pm, the teachers realised that five boys were missing and immediately informed the school principal and the forest officials. They began to search for the missing boys with help of local villagers.

Narrating this horrifying incident to Sunday MiD DAY, Prashant said, "We stopped because our friend (Raj) was tired but the others went ahead. When we started walking on our own, we lost our way in the dense jungle.

We had also exhausted our supply of food and water. We drank some water from the river. I had carried a matchbox with me and we used it to light a fire." Finally, while waiting there, Karan's received a call from the forest officials on his cellphone. "We told them that we had managed to light a fire at one spot. Forest officials managed to reach us at 9.30 pm," he added.

The school was shut on Saturday and authorities could not be contacted. There were also rumours that these five boys were busy drinking and thus were unable to make it in time. But all of them refuted this allegation.

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