Pune based counsellor Arti Halbe who operates from Sahyadri Hospital believes that cancer proved to be a decider as after conquering it, she chose to become a counsellor to guide people like her with the right advice during pre and post cancer treatment.

Halbe elaborates, “As counsellors, we have to take care of the mental and emotional state of the patient as well as of their caretakers. Also, sometimes a cancer patient himself is unaware about the disease at the earliest stage of detection. At that time, what he needs the most is support from family members who should be properly enlightened about the ailment; otherwise they can end up really panicked and scared.”

The counsellor reveals a few ‘to-dos’ for patients to cope with cancer:
»Relatives should ensure that the patient leads a normal and happy life.

»Pray to any power you believe in to help keep one sail through hardships.

»Ignore negative comments. Be strong and tackle it!

»Stay busy. The illness should not prevent you from doing things you enjoy the most. Be occupied and do not thinkabout “Why me?”

»Read, play cards or video games, learn a musical instrument, and make the most of every second.

»Watch only good entertainers on television. Stay away from the depressing and violent sagas.

»Follow a strict diet. A good all-round food regime is a must to get the energy back.

Cancer Myths
»Cancer is incurable: It is totally untrue: Most types of cancers can be cured at their first or second stage and this is medically proven.

»You cannot see the symptoms of cancer: If not for all types, for many cancers, including breast, cervical, skin, oral and colorectal cancers, and some childhood cancers, early detection is possible.

»Cancer is contagious: This is a widely spread myth, especially amongst the suburban/low-profile sections of the society, and is completely baseless. Cancer CANNOT does not spread through touch or communicating with the infected person.