A day after Babu Singh Kushwaha, former family welfare minister and prime suspect in the National Rural Health Mission scam, joined the BJP, his house was raided by the CBI. Naturally, this got tongues wagging. As Nagesh Shetty pointed out, for instance, 'The clinching evidence CBI got to carry out the raids was when Kushwaha joined the BJP; otherwise it would have been no evidence at all.' A certain Ashutosh asked: 'What politics? First you cry Kushwaha is corrupt, then you take him in your party? What will happen to the BJP campaign against corruption?' There was also this tongue-in-cheek tweet from Kunal Majumder: 'Join BJP and become corruption free! Kushwaha's application has been accepted. Application of Raja and Kalmadi being processed.'

Those men in blue
Our cricket team, trying to stay afloat in Australia, became a trending topic again. Deepak Patil tweeted: 'Team India has taken a vow that they will not win any test match abroad until the Lokpal Bill is passed!' In Mihir S Bijur's words, 'Team India is making the Government of India seem more dependable.' Tito Sebastian weighed in with this: 'The best possible way to escape now is to create a monkey-gate incident; the BCCI will then call the team back.' And from Rahul Desai: 'Team India fast entering the cultdom-filled 'so bad it's good' category of Bollywood stories gone bad.'

Love stories
What do you secretly love? These were a few examples that cropped up: 'When we are talking and he stops the conversation with a kiss', 'getting long thoughtful text messages', 'the smell of the inside of a brand new shoe' and 'seeing the losers my exes end up with.'

The last word
From actress Sherlyn Chopra: 'Why do people ask who I sleep with? Do I ask you who you sleep with? Are we on Twitter to find out who sleeps with whom?'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)