The Prime Minister visited Assam to assess the flood situation and announced Rs 500 crore for relief and rehabilitation. This amount, for some reason, became a trending topic. E-tard tweeted: ‘PM announces Rs 500 crore for Assam: Rs 300 crore for relief and rescue operations, Rs 200 crore for misappropriation and over-billing.’ Madhuchhanda Bose added: ‘Bureaucrats and politicians in Assam are working in Excel to see how the distribution of Rs 500 crore will be among them [sic]’ Ratty Miller had a question: ‘How soon will Bihar announce drought in half the state?’ And from Shailesh Pandey: ‘I am sure they will air drop currency notes with food packets.’

Stay off the road
Actor Sohail Khan managed to clog timelines for all the wrong reasons after his driver ran over a woman. Sudeep Sengupta reacted with this: ‘Breaking News: Khan’s next home production is now titled Ek Tha Driver.’ Angry Bombay Girl had this to say: ‘Mumbaikars planning to go out at night, wonder which we have to fear more — Dhoble’s raids or Khan’s car?’ Shivram Padmanabhan had a question: ‘He still gets to be a judge on Comedy Circus right?’ And from MP Singh: ‘Sohail Khan’s driver mistook a derelict woman for a polythene bag! That gives a whole new meaning to Say No to Polythene Bags.’

An honour
The Western Ghats were granted World Heritage status by UNESCO, making them a topic of discussion for a while. Hardik Rajgor had this to say: ‘Now that they have been declared a World Heritage site, they will soon be flooded with bottles and chips packets.’ Ramesh Srivats added: ‘Western Ghats and all are fine, has AK Hangal been declared a World Heritage Site or not?’

The last word
From journalist Barkha Dutt: ‘Enjoyed Spiderman because of childhood associations, but how unforgiving we would be of a Hindi film in the same genre! Angrezi only superheroes?’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (